The known 8 side effects of marijuana, the statistics, and facts

The use of marijuana as a medicine is already widely practiced in some parts of the world. because it is true that it can be used to treat and cure sickness so it cannot be denied that it is also medicinal. That is why even if there is a problem with it being abused that cause problem like death and addiction that could result in violence it is still enforced to be legal for medicinal purposes. In the infographic provided, let us see facts about it.

You can see the effect that trying marijuana will do to many people. If they have tried it they can also be curious as to what is the effect of the other drugs that are classified as illicit. There is no difference in age as to whoever tries it and get addicted to it. At any age and time, people could just try to use marijuana and then proceed to try also the others link 泰雅. It mostly leads also to alcohol abuse that can even cause the person to have problems.

It is because the abuse of marijuana has some negative effect on the user. It includes aggression and the memory could already be impaired. The person who uses it and has a good work can be able to be unproductive and would make his life harder when he will just focus on having his dose of marijuana. Conduct for this agency’s service for your visa learn here  That is why it is better to prevent someone from trying it as it can lead to other problems.