Top Reasons why People Take Drugs

What are the factors that leads a person to take drugs? The use of drugs, especially psychoactive drugs have a negative effect in the Central Nervous System. You can know or detect if a person is under the influence of drugs through some signs. The effect of drugs can only be for a short time or it could be longer. If the drug intake is too much, the drug user have a high possibility to commit a crime. This is possible once he already lost control of his mind.

In the above infographic, the top reasons for drug use is shown. Some drugs have an effect of excitement and confidence. A person who has taken drugs can experience this mild effect. Only for the reason to feel excitement and confidence, a person wants to take drugs. If a person gets easily bored and he lacks confidence, he has a possibility to be influenced and finally take in drugs.

In some countries with poor economy, drug use is severe. It is the greatest problem which can be difficult to solve. Depending on the environment, people can or cannot be influenced or pushed to use drugs.

If a person has a low self-confidence, his friends canĀ  pressure him to take some drugs especially if his friends are drug users. Nowadays, many teenagers are under the influence of drugs and also alcohol. Reasons such as enjoyment, environment, curiosity and experimentation, defense mechanism, rebellion, and peer pressure are the factors that leads to the use of drugs especially youths. This is a sad fact.