The top countries in Africa who practice child marriage and the effort to end it

The child marriage is a global practice and it was seen as normal in many countries because it becomes part of their culture. As times passed by and living becomes harder every year, parents want to reduce the burden to themselves and so they marry their children at a very young age. This is a fact in some countries. They do not understand what is the impact of what they are doing in the lives of their children and in the whole nation. Let’s look at the facts.

The above is an infographic that let us know the situation of child marriage. There are families that have many children and they cannot provide for them all so they just choose to let them marry. The cycle just repeats to every family and so a problem is being created. If we will look at the effect of allowing children to have opportunities to be educated and contribute to the family and nation it is a very different picture than letting them marry. A good example of wedding dress to try on in a good variation of sizes is here. Check this plus size mother of the bride dresses country themed wedding. It creates a full attraction to a woman wearing this dress style.

If you will see the infographic it presented the lists of countries having the highest record of child marriage. the first country that obtained the highest record is Niger and the second is the country of Chad. Thankfully there are efforts being made to let the practice end slowly and give opportunities to women who also like to be educated and help their families to do so. Some people also here uses hearing aid due to lack of hearing capacity 識覺公司. It is noted that women help their families automatically when they have jobs.