Punishments of Drug User and Pusher

One of the reasons why drug addiction is not prevented is because there is no definite plan for this kind of problem in the society. Aside from this, not all societies have the same rules for the intake of drugs. Drug take in is legal in some countries and this are banned in some countries. This kind of drugs we are talking about refers not to pharmaceutical drugs but deadly drugs life shabu, alcohol, marijuana and so forth and so on.

Some countries give death as a punishment of death. Once found using drugs, you will be shot to death. An example of a nation with this kind of penalty is the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. There is no more chance for surviving. However, this was only imposed in the Philippines when the current President took his seat.

Most countries give imprisonment for certain period of time as the penalty. Most of people spend their life in prison for 10 years or more. This depends on the investigatory result. If found drug pusher, the punishment will be greater. This all depends on the result of drug test also a person may undergo.

Some countries just asked these people to pay for their sin. They may be paying big but they can repeat the same mistake since they are just going to pay. Unlike those who are put to death, people should really avoid using drugs because it is very hard when known. Among so many people there are already thousands of people who were shot to death.