Youths and Drugs

Since the use of drugs is scattered all over the world, society has been harmed because of drug addicts. This is why there are suppose to be drug prevention all over the world by hook or by crook. Nowadays, victims of drug addiction are the young people whose brain are not yet matured.

This is why youths come to be the pests of the society instead of becoming the hope of the society. Since there are may people who are hoping for the youths to rise up, the society has to make programs to help the youths realize what they have to do. Actually, one solution for this is to raise children in the church to let them know what is right from wrong. This is one of the reasons the attention of the youths are diverted from bad influences to good deeds and mind.

Youths are hope of the future but it seems the youths come to engage themselves in drugs. According to survey, these youths who are engaging in this kind of terrible thing are those whose parents are abroad. They are those who are not closed to their families and also those who are rebellious. This is why parents roles are so important.

They are suppose to be there to guide their children from birth to adulthood. The use of Marijuana is so high among any age group. This is why no matter what happens, we have to pay attention to our children and motivate them to engage themselves only in good activities.